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Have I come full circle?  I am, I was a trial attorney working as a criminal prosecutor before Munch arrived.  Last night I dreamt that poor Dora the Explorer was on trial and I was prosecuting her.  I had a bigger than life size cut out of her and her actual evil cape in hand.

I was thrown into the trial at the last moment.  I had co-counsel, but she was brand new and didn’t know anything.  “Have you read the beginning of the story?” I asked her.  “No.”  she replied.  So as I’m walking into the small courtroom, I was reading the beginning of the story which consisted of the origins of Dora and some jewel.  Oh boy!

Then as we took our seats in the very small courtroom the judge, whom I think was the misdemeanor judge that I had worked with in my past life, wanted us to all blow our whistle.  A small surge of panic rose up through my chest as I couldn’t locate the whistle.  How could I forget it?  Now for those of you who have never attended a criminal trial, we don’t use whistles.  The surge of panic, however, is very common in criminal trials.  Now in my dream blowing the whistle was something to be expected from this judge.   I found my co-counsel’s whistle and handed it to her.  The whistling was coming across the room in a “wave” format, but the first person never stops as the next person joins in.  In the nick of time as the “wave” came to me, I found my whistle.  I made a mental note to put the whistle on a cord to where it around my neck for the next trial.

It really should have been Swiper the fox on trial.  I can’t imagine what Ms. Dora could have done.  I did not see Boots, Tiko, Benny Isa, Backpack, Map or the Fiesta Trio in attendance.  No, I never saw Ms. Dora at counsel’s table.  No, I have no idea what she did.  I like Dora and Munch loves her.  What does this say about me?  Too much Dora?  Yes.  A little lost love for my past life?  Yes.

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