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july07-013I’m wondering if anyone hates the responsibility of providing dinner for their family.  I’m not a great cook.  I’m not even a good cook.  I would guess I’m pretty mediocre.

I don’t like cleaning the mess after.  I seemed to make quite a mess.  I know you are suppose to clean as you go, but that is complicated with a 2 year old hanging on you.  If I can distract her with a t.v. show (oh say it isn’t so), that may work for a short while until I hear the whine from the living room, “mommmmmy!”

Maybe if I had decent equipment, I would enjoy it more.  We are desperately in need of good pots and pans.  The ones I received at our wedding did not stand the test of time.  Not long after we started using them, the bottom of the pan began chipping off.  What is that stuff?  Is it the “non-stick” crap they put on the pans?  I don’t know, but we ate those specks for far too long.  Having a child put a stop to that.  Who knows what I have ingested from those pans and what sickness will befall me.

Then there is the trying to make healthy, low-fat/calorie meals.  I’m good at Sloppy Joe’s from a can, but how healthy is that?  Chicken is healthy, but I swear every recipe I make tastes the same.  I’ve been using All Recipes, which I love as much as I can love anything about cooking.  There are some great recipes and new ideas I have been attempting.

I do like challenges and that sometimes makes preparing a meal appealing.  I also like to be creative.  Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  I think following the recipe exactly is boring or even using a recipe for that matter.

The worst part is shopping for ingredients.  Half the stuff I have never heard of.  Where do you find these things? Is it crucial to the recipe?  What do I do if I’m at the store and already bought all the ingredients to the recipe, except this weird thing I’ve never heard of and can’t find?

Then, there is Hubs.  Does anyone’s husband’s turn into a 2 year old when it comes to eating?  If it’s the weekend, “what’s for lunch?”  “Feel free to make your self something.”  “But I don’t know what there is to make.”  Do you have eyes?  Then there is dinner.  I get a phone call before he comes home.  “Is there dinner or should I pick something up?”  He means fast food which he is just as happy with, if not more happy than with the dinner I will make, especially if its chicken.  I guess that speaks to my skill level at preparing something as tasty as a Wendy’s burger.  If I haven’t made something, but suggest “Sandwich and Soup Night” he goes for the fast food option instead which of course leaves me desiring the same and feeling horribly guilty that my family will ingest said fast, full of fat, salt, calories and who knows what else – food.   Ugh!!

I just don’t like the responsibility of feeding my family.  It starts around lunch time.  What should we have?  What do I have available to make?  What do I feel like making?  What do I feel like eating?  What will make Hubs and Munchkin both happy?  Oh, the pressure……. How about some Wendy’s?


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