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imagesOkay, since I have been conscience of “greeness” for some time, I have slowly been trying to change certain aspects of our lives.  In May, I’m going to work a little harder at those things I have tried to incorporate into our lives in the past and turn it into more a way of life so I don’t have to think about it.

Here’s the list:

Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Reusable lunch
No plastic water bottles
Less meat
Diaper Issue (plastic bags)

Today lets look at the paper towels.

Gotta love the paper towel.  Our towel roll sits on our kitchen/dining room table where it is easily accessible.  It moved from the kitchen counter as Munch got older.  We use it for napkins, spills, and plates.  I started using cloth towels to do more of the spill cleaning , counter and table cleaning.  I think our paper towel usage went down quite considerably.

Its so easy to grab a paper towel to clean something, though.  Then I can just throw it in the trash.  With towels I have to collect and clean them.  I have successfully incorporated cloth towels to clean Munch after a meal.  So now I just need to get use to using them for other cleaning uses.

I have all different kinds of cloth towels for different things: big white ones for messy spills and floor clean up, smaller white ones for wiping faces, hands or other foodies; blue cloths for cleaning with cleaning solution (I use “green” cleaners, but plan on switching to make my own so the separation of towels may not be necessary); and orange cloths for bathroom cleaning.  Is it weird to have this type of system?  It makes me feel better.  Poor Hubs has a hard time keeping up with the system.

I must say, I don’t see myself giving up paper towels to clean the toilet.  I can’t bring my self to use something re-usable.  Yuck!!  But I think I can limit it to just a few for the porcelain god.

I have cloth napkins which we never use.  Again, yuck, I hate using cloth napkins.  Even in fancy restaurant it gives me the heebeegeebies, but I will give it a go.  Note – gotta find them.

Under this category is the swifter sheets.  I use them to dust (sometimes) and on the floor (sometimes.)  I’ll have to think more on this.  I can easily use a microfiber cloth to dust.  I think I even have one.  But I’m not sure about the floor.  I’m in a losing battle with the dog hair and I don’t want to upset my strategy at the cost of a hairy home.  I usually just vacuum, but the swifter helps for a quickie and since the vacuuming only keeps the hair up for a few minutes or so, the swifting comes in handy.

Good bye Paper Towels!!  Well, we will just be seeing you a little less, but you are still invaluable.

I’ll keep you updated!!


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Have I come full circle?  I am, I was a trial attorney working as a criminal prosecutor before Munch arrived.  Last night I dreamt that poor Dora the Explorer was on trial and I was prosecuting her.  I had a bigger than life size cut out of her and her actual evil cape in hand.

I was thrown into the trial at the last moment.  I had co-counsel, but she was brand new and didn’t know anything.  “Have you read the beginning of the story?” I asked her.  “No.”  she replied.  So as I’m walking into the small courtroom, I was reading the beginning of the story which consisted of the origins of Dora and some jewel.  Oh boy!

Then as we took our seats in the very small courtroom the judge, whom I think was the misdemeanor judge that I had worked with in my past life, wanted us to all blow our whistle.  A small surge of panic rose up through my chest as I couldn’t locate the whistle.  How could I forget it?  Now for those of you who have never attended a criminal trial, we don’t use whistles.  The surge of panic, however, is very common in criminal trials.  Now in my dream blowing the whistle was something to be expected from this judge.   I found my co-counsel’s whistle and handed it to her.  The whistling was coming across the room in a “wave” format, but the first person never stops as the next person joins in.  In the nick of time as the “wave” came to me, I found my whistle.  I made a mental note to put the whistle on a cord to where it around my neck for the next trial.

It really should have been Swiper the fox on trial.  I can’t imagine what Ms. Dora could have done.  I did not see Boots, Tiko, Benny Isa, Backpack, Map or the Fiesta Trio in attendance.  No, I never saw Ms. Dora at counsel’s table.  No, I have no idea what she did.  I like Dora and Munch loves her.  What does this say about me?  Too much Dora?  Yes.  A little lost love for my past life?  Yes.

All you ever wanted to know about Dora the Explorer can be found here:


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Pre-historic bug

june-july-4-08-087What’s my fascination with all these bugs?  I have pictures of many different little creatures.  They are just so strange and scary!  Ugh…  I don’t know what it is, but is sure is creepy.  Looks like he’s armored up to go into battle.

This guy was on my back porch.  Anyone know what it is?  Does it bite?  Does it spit deadly venom?  Its hard to sit back there when I know such creepiness exists, but I try to put it out of mind.  The view sometimes helps.


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