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Okay, I know I have been lacking here for quite a while.  I have been struggling with perfectionism, vulnerability, and a busy schedule.   I struggle with the “fluffiness” of my writing here.  I want to delve into some deep, darker and controversial issues, but I am worried about my vulnerability since many who read actually know me.  I think I will find another outlet for that.

I do, however, want to keep up better with this.  I can feel free to be “fluffy” here and not feel held back since I can use my other outlet for deeper mush.

With that said, I have a new project to begin.  Yesterday was Earth Day.  I’ve been wanting for a long time to do more to help the earth and the next generation so I’m putting together a “Go Green Action Plan” for the next year.  After I get a plan set, I will share it and update you on my progress. I hope the few readers I do have (had before my sabbatical) will also join me in this challenge.  My hope is that I can get new ideas and inspire someone (anyone – is anyone out there?) to become more green.

The whole disposable diaper issue has been killing me for 2 plus years now.  Time to take care of that!!

So more to come soon.


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dsc_0001Nice storm.  Crazy amount of hail.


Happy April!

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dsc_00175Awww.  Good ole fashion fun.

I guess its good ole fashion fun.  Well, actually probably not.  I guess it was more like good ole fashion back breaking work for farmers.  How ingenious to open up your farm so the buyers come pick the berries themselves.  Cut out that middle man.  And these crazy city folk really enjoy searching for that perfect strawberry, gently pulling on the stem and plopping it into their basket.


The strawberries are delicious.  I was worried that we had picked too many and they would go to waste, but they are almost gone 2 days later.


That night Hubs stopped by the local grocery store and saw cartons of strawberries for like 1/8th   the price.  (1/8th? Well, I don’t know because I don’t do math but like way a lot less – way!)  Oh well.  We had fun and the berries really were the best.


Stay tuned for Blackberry season in May.


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