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Sweet Little Curl

dscn2926Sweet little curl
on a sweet little girl
Sweet little curl
she took me for a whirl
Sweet little curl
a lovely little pearl
Sweet little curl
my sweet little girl

–sweet in the middle


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Deep in Thought


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Banana Art

How to make banana art by Munchkin.

1.  Take the half of banana your mommy gave you and peel it.  Be very careful not to ruin the peel.

2.  Now take the banana and smoosh and break it into many little pieces.

3.  Now carefully place each smooshed piece back into the open banana peel.




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Munchkin Fairy


Does anyone else have a munchkin fairy floating around their house? I am very lucky to have such a creature. She is very mischievous, but as you can see the light she brings into our home is brilliant – great on those dark and gloomy nights. You also have to feed and clothe these little ones, but in return she has many powers you can benefit from:
1. Stress Relief – she has the power to produce belly-aching laughter
2. Healer – she uses kisses to heal your physical boo boos, hugs to heal those emotional ones and snuggles to give your spirit a boost
3. Cure boredom – she will play with you any time, any where and will accompany you on your most tedious outings and chores
4. Warmth of the sun -these creatures are very warm and can be used like an electric blanket
5. Transform your body – don’t question her ways, she is a skilled workout coach – just follow and keep up!
6. Keeper of all secrets – but be careful the older the fairy gets the more she spills – (please don’t tell Hubs she is now saying “oh sh–!”),
7. Mind Control – with the bat of an eye-lash she can make you do almost anything (this especially has an effect on the Hubs)
8. Stop time – manifested through kicks, screams and tears
9. Control Emotions of others – magically your emotional state will mirror hers
10. Solves your household paper problem – she has the power to ingest large amounts of paper

That’s only to mention a few. These creatures are very particular and take a lot of your time and care, but if you can locate one, they are worth the effort.

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