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Where’s Belly?

You can play “Where’s Waldo?” with our cat, Belly?  Fun for those lazy, warm afternoons.


Can you find her?

Let me help a little….


Do you see her?  She is black with brown and her little green eye is looking up at you?  “Hey, what are you looking at?  Can’t a cat find some peace around here?”

Still can’t find her?

Let me help a little more….

dsc_00051Now do you see that little eye?

“Hello Belly!”


She’s up.


She’s on the move.


Bye Belly!

“Hmpf, maybe I will try under the deck.”


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I have 2 dogs and one cat.

Hubs picked out Katie at the animal shelter (of course) after my beloved Maggie died suddenly.  Maggie was a black lab mix with a very sweet, happy disposition.  I was so upset at the loss that I vowed  to never get another dog.  However, the house was very lonely and coming home just wasn’t the same.  Besides, how could I not adopt a needy dog when there are so many?


So Hubs picked her out and she’s truly a beautiful Australian mix.  She was quite the high spirited puppy who enjoyed constantly biting me. The shelter apparently names the dogs after the different employees and volunteers.  She came with the name Katie and it suited her well.  Katie has a very unique personality.  I don’t think she knows what a growl is used for.  She tries to make up for her confusion by simply growling at every thing and every one.

As she got older, I could tell she was not an extremely affectionate dog.  And we didn’t want her to be alone, besides how could I not adopt a needy dog when there are so many?  This time I wanted another black lab mix since my experience in the past was so good.  Don’t get me wrong, Katie is a good dog, but she is more aloof, somewhat of a cat personality.  She is very independent and likes to spend most of her time alone.  I desperately wanted a dog to hug and kiss (without the accompanied growling.)


Hubs picked Ty from our local shelter.  Unfortunately, I cannot retain any composure in these shelters and will not put myself through the agony of seeing the needy animals.  Sitting in the car waiting for Hubs to come out, listening to all the dogs barking and yelping was enough to send me into a tear filled, mucous flowing downward spiral.  Then out he came with a small black, cuddly lab.  Very much Maggie like.

Again, we kept the name given by the shelter.  I am happy to say Ty is very much a lab.dsc_0047

I also have a cat.  I am much more of a dog person, but when an animal is in need, I have a hard time resisting.  My first cat, Atilla, was a beautiful gray kitty who came into my heart as a tiny little thing, living in a friend’s apartment complex.  I had no intention of keeping him, but then couldn’t give him up.  Him and Maggie got along great and he too was an affectionate little creature.  Atilla disappeared not too long after we moved to the “country.”  I hate to think of what happened to him, but I’m hoping it was a very mild departure.  This loss came a couple years after the loss of Maggie and happened while I was pregnant.

Belly, adopted us when we lived in the “city.”  She was a feral cat that hid in our garage.  It took a very long time to get any where near her, but she eventually gave in and became apart of the family.  Her and Atilla got along pretty well.  What you would expect of a grandfather and a young toddler.


I wish I had pictures of Maggie and Atilla to share, but we have not scanned in old pics yet.  Something I hope to do soon.dsc_0092

Now, go hug and kiss all your little furry kids (even if you get a little growl!)

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