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There are also other things  I didn’t realize and didn’t get to do until I became a stay at home mom.


Yesterday: Using an umbrella on a dreary rainy afternoon trying NOT to get wet

Today: Playing in the rain on a wonderful rainy afternoon

Yesterday: Focusing on myself and my career (which isn’t all bad, but something is missing)

Today: Focusing on the Munchkin and my family

Yesterday: A love I didn’t know about

Today: The discovery of a tremendous, amazing love

Yesterday: Subtle, sporadic laughter with colleagues

Today:  Belly aching, roll over laughter

Yesterday: Watching the plant grow (or die) in my office

Today: Watching a beautiful creature grow

Yesterday: Teaching new attorneys about their job

Today: Teaching Munchkin about EVERYTHING

Yesterday:  People thinking I’m OK

Today: Someone thinks I’m a Superhero

Yesterday: Bopping my head to a song while I prepare a case in my office

Today: Dancing like a fool with an amazing partner

Yesterday: Shopping all alone

Today: Shopping with a little friend

Yesterday: Contributing to  future generations through my recycling box

Today: Contributing a future generation

Yesterday: No time for breakfast

Today: Breakfast shared

Yesterday: Preplanned schedule of obligations with little room for alterations

Today: My own personally made schedule that is flexible

Yesterday: I wasn’t a mom

Today: I am a mommy!


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march-08-127Being a stay at home mom is so wonderful and I of course wouldn’t change it for anything.  But like anything in life, it has its sacrifices.  I want to be the one to guide my daughter and I’m lucky enough to be able to do that, whatever the cost.  When people said its the hardest job, I never understood why.  Like taking care of a kid is that hard.  Hell, I did that when I was 12 years old babysitting.  Here’s what I didn’t know then.

Yesterday: Lunch at a restaurant with other adults

Today: Peanut butter and jelly and the constant phrase, “knees or bottom”

Yesterday: Sharing new ideas with colleagues

Today: Some other kid’s mom telling me how to potty train

Yesterday: Creativity abound for handling all my cases

Today: Creativity abound for which color to color Oscar the Grouch

Yesterday: After work drinks to celebrate a victory

Today: Water and passing out while trying to get the baby to sleep

Yesterday: “Atta-girl!”

Today: “MOMMY!”

Yesterday: Buying something because I worked so hard, I deserved it, and I made it

Today: Asking permission to buy a pair of pants because I’m not working and didn’t make it

Yesterday: Buying something because I can

Today: Not buying anything because I can’t

Yesterday: Having a reason to get dressed

Today: Wearing PJ’s all day because no one will notice anyway

Yesterday: Learning new ways to improve at my job

Today: Learning how to button a onesie

Yesterday: Talking business over the phone

Today: Checking e-mail every 2 minutes

Yesterday: Meeting and talking to new people everyday

Today: Talking too long to the cashier at the grocery store

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